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Classic top 40 UnFunnyJokes

Every webpage needs to move on. So we are posting the classic 40 of UnFunnyJokes in its very own page.
We also added the next 30 jokes/

40.Matts jokes are so lame that they broke my leg.
39.My mom has the ugliest jacket that the garbage man threw her in the garbage.
38.the Internet package I got was so small, Curtis could actually put his hands around it.
37.curtis is so dumb that he read joke no.3 and forgot it in 4 seconds. (true story) dont eat rocks but kidrock does. mom is so stupid that she forgot her groceries at the store after buying them.
34.My brother has no social life, he has no friends.
33.Why do they call it Pepsi?
32.Oval is round not oval, whats with that?
31.I thought Britney Spears was black??!!!
30.In the word START there are many words like tart, art, rt, t, r and start, tt, sr and
start , srt, y, and start and trats and art and rt.
29.My computer mouse must be starving because hes not eating the cheese I gave him.
28.2 astronauts in space having a drink. astro 1 says throw me a beer. astro 2 says : why
dont you fly
27.2 astronauts in space. 1 male.1 female. male says where we goin? female says
somewhere where the sun dont shine! male says : your dick?
26.Its New Years Day in July when you see your dad wiping his bum with sandpaper.
25.Its A fight!! Godzilla vs. Moth Man. Moth man farts and Godzilla dies. Moth Man
says: does something stink?
24.My friend is so ugly that when he farted everyone laughed and said does something
stink? my friend said yep
23.Why is it called unfunny?, it still says funny in it so it must be funny!
22.Why are people fat? DNA? fat DNA?
21.When my dad gets mad he hits the ceiling. we had to put a cushion on our ceiling.
20.When my dad gets mad his head gets red. when my mom drinks rum, I get a spank on
the bum.
19.Why is Santa Claus so fat? because he ate my present.
18.Why are cats furry? because.
17.My dad is so drunk that when I asked him what 2+2 is. He said because the fire
16.My flashlight is weak that the static shock from my dads bum is more powerful.
15.My farts stink so much that id rather stick my nose up a skunks bum.
14.If Jesus came back to life hed be a hippie.
13. If Satan came back and Jesus was alive, hed kick his hippie ass!
12.My mom caught me pooping in a mans ass crack, then the man said I need to poop
11. My poop in the water is big.
10.The immigrant said : Im not an immigrant, im an unmigrant!
9.Why are mom and dad always faking to be Santa? because if they dont, Santa will come
and lie.
8.My friend is alot like a kettle, when he gets mad he gets hot and whistles.
7.Dogs eventually turn to cats. why?
6.cats eventually turn to dogs. why? because.
5.There once was a man named Joe. people called him mike. mike was a woman. Joe said
im not a woman. mike said I am a woman. Joe said my name is Joe. mike then told
everyone to stop calling Joe, mike. Joe then realised he was standing naked surrounded
by penguins.
4.Pointy rocks have pointy consequences.
3.knock knock! come in!
2.Knock knock! whos there? tom. tom who? who gives a tom dick and hairy what my last
name is!
1.What do you get when you put together Monica Luwinsky, Bill Clinton, a car, a TV, a
pair of hand cuffs, some cough drops, a couch, some rope, some beer and the nerdy kid
from Beethoven?
You get a couch strapped on to a car with Bill and Monica slamming the Beethoven kids
head with his hands cuffed and arms tied behind his back, watching TV and laughing!

these are the next 30 jokes we made so enjoy!:

30.Why do elephants eat peanuts? because they ran out of dijon mustard and buns.
29.Who invented the telephone? Alexander Graham bell.
28.When did the bum from kenora eat scuff from the sidewalk? dinner
27.Why did the titanic sink? because the people were all fat.
26.Americans are so retarted that they're anthem is about a banner! probably full of crap.
25.1 jew and 1 american walking down the street. 1 guy says: pass the schtikel.
2nd guy says: im jew not you.
24.Tin boats conduct electricity. tell that to mother earth.
23.When did mr. walkings eat dinner? lunch, hes really old.
22.How did the king win the bet? he said whoever is a king wins.
21.How do you catch a butterfly? stick a fly in butter.
20.What did the footclimber say to the handclimber? I would rather have a treadmill.
19.What did the ATM machine say when you put money in the machine? i dont know.
18.What did the wood maker make? plastic wood
17.TGIF fridays changed my life forever, now i can play computer instead of watching
TGIF fridays.
16.Why do pigs oink? because they dont take cough medicin.
15.What did the barber say to the school bus driver when he lost his sissors? Wheres my
14.What did the school bus driver say to the barber? Wheres my bus!!!???
13.Why is zee in the alphabet? stupid americans!
12.What did the conductor say to the man with a new hat? nice hat.
11.What time did the stupid american Sleep in to on sunday night? 9 am.
10.How did the cow jump? upwards.
9.When did dino fix his clock? Whos Dino?
8.Say do you know Dan? yep.
7.Who was the dumbass american who put the glow on the hockey puck? Stevie Wonder.
6.Why did they put p in my alphabet soup?
5.Why did mr. Jemima marry his aunt? He was running out of syrop.
4.Why is the Dominican Republic so poor? Because Domonic got robbed.
3.Why did Jenny Craig start a exercise program for fat people? her mom.
2.Wesley Wiliss music is so bad, Eminem became his best friend.(for oncce they have
something in common, bad music)
1.What do you get when you cross Britney Spears, Puff Daddy, a bearcage, the nerdy kid
from Beethoven and a little bag of M+Ms?
You get Britney Spears and Puff Daddy shoving M+Ms down the nerdy kid from
Beethovens throat as Britney spears chants : We Want Nerdy kid naked in a bear cage!
and watches Puff Daddy stripping the nerdy kid and throwing him in the bear cage full of