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The Adventures of Mr. Green

Out of all the heroes in the internet sites, our hero is a short, little, stubby, vegetarian scychiatrist male who looks exactly like a bean with a mustache, who's best friend is a orange bean, meat eater Named mr. Beef and also hangs out with his accountent, Mr. Grum, named ... Mr. Green!

02/07/01-Episode 1 : "Dinner For 2"

One day in cold juin weather, mr. Beef, the man who eats bacon, is having dinner with Mr. Green, the scychiatrist.

Mr. Green : umm.., can you pass the salt for my leaves?
Mr. Beef :can you pass me the leaves?
Mr. Green : i thought you hate veggies?
Mr. Beef :No, I HATE YOU!

02/07/01-Episode 2 : "Tiny Shrink"

One cold summer day in the Juin after July in north pole, Mr. Green and his accountent Mr. Grum are having dinner.

Mr. Green : lets have dinner.
Mr. Grum : whats for dinner?
Mr. Green :fish.
Mr. Grum :poisson
Mr. Green :what kind of poisson?
Mr. Grum : toxic waste?
Mr. Green :why?
Mr. Grum : eat
Mr. Green : why?
Mr. Grum : no
Mr. Green :lets go jump in freezing cold water.
Mr. Grum : I'll make you a bet. for 5 nickels.
Mr. Green : you mean 9 nickels?
Mr. Grum : raising the stakes eh?
Mr. Green : its a bet.
Mr Grum : now you have to jump in the water naked with no clothes on wearing absolutely nothing except for no clothes and i will throw the nickels at you when you're in the water and you must bow to me then when they hit you, they will sink down into the north pole ocean and then you find your nine nickels and keep them.
Mr. Green : is that all?
Mr. Grum : no
Mr. Green : what else?
Mr. Grum : you will be blind folded with a 100 pound heavy weight jail ball around your neck. After that you will show me all your 9 nickels if you dont have all 9 nickels and even if there's a scratch on any one, you must bend down and eat snow while i kick you in the bum.
Mr. Green : deal.

Mr Grum fakes to throw all the 9 nickels down in the hole in the north pole ocean.

Mr. Green : but no nickels hit me!

Then Mr. Green gets out of the water.

Mr. Grum :are you a girl? because you look really tiny.
Mr. Green : no, I'm a SHRINK!

09/02/01- Episode 3 : What does your fortune cookie say?

One hot December night in spring on the 32nd of January, Mr. Green was eating chinese
food with his best friend mr. Beef.

Mr. Green: That was a good meal.
Mr. Beef: What do you think they call it in china?
Mr. Green : beef.
Mr. Beef: probably food, if you think about it for 4 seconds.

8 seconds later

Mr. Green : yep.
Mr. Beef: I need a fortune cookie right now!
Mr. Green : hey Chink, get me 2 fortune cookies! now!

 The waiter gets them 2 fortune cookies then bitch slaps mr. green.

Mr. Green : what do you call that? Chink-fu?

He then leaves dancing to kung fu man.

Mr. Beef : what does your fortune cookie say?
Mr. Green :I havent opened it out of the package yet

Mr Green opens the package on his fortune cookie

Mr. Beef : What does it say?
Mr. Green: I havent opened the cookie yet.

Mr Green rips open the cookie

Mr. Beef : What does it say already?
Mr. Green: I Havent unfolded it yet.

Mr Green unfolds the paper

Mr.Beef: What does it say?
Mr. Green :___________.

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