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UnFunnyJokes presents UnFunnyRipoffs

Everyone once comes up with one good ripoff to tell someone off, later on you think to your self that it was pretty stupid though. Don't worry are ripoffs aren't just stupid, they're unfunny!

20. Your so dumb, you remind me of Stephen Wilcox
19. Greg is so dumb he has blond hair.
18. you spelled "a" wrong
17. Your so stupid you had to study for a blood test
16. Your the dumbest gurl ever.
15.Your car is so ugly, that if it didnt have tires it would look like am eskimo.
14.Your mom is so old, she married jabba the hut.
13.You have a small penis.
12.Your pillow is so bent, ur head is full of rocks. mom and one grandma sitting on the porch. mom says : how bout that strike on education. grandma says : ur mom. mom says : jokes on you, ur my mom.
10.Your mom is so stupid that the last time she ordered a BLT, she thought she was odering big latin tits.
9.You smell so much, the toxic waste company moved away from you.
8.This ripp off can't be dispalayed because of Steel Workington
7.2 girls walking down town. girl one says: what time is it? the other girl says: time to get a watch. the 1st then goes : what kind? Esquire?
6.2 guys walking down the street. one guy says : if i had a hammer id hit you. other guy goes : if u had a brain , ud buy a hammer.
5.Your so bad at baking,the pillsbury doughboy had to come out of the case and poked you.
4.Your mom is so fat, she has to wear a belt
3.Your so lame, you remind me of a poo.
2.Your mom is so fat that the last time she went waterskiing and fell, she broke the water.
1.2 guys walking down the street. The nerdy kid from Beethoven and Ricky Martin. Ricky Martin says : ur mom is such a bitch, ur dad had to take her to the pound. the nerdy kid says: the only pound i no of is on ur mom.