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Dumbass American Jokes

americans are so dumbassed they have their own webpage

35.americans are so dumbassed that when they rebuild the towers, they built it right beside a taliban airport.
34.americans are so lame, they watch chess, like stephen
33.americans like vanilla ice so much that when they order ice cream they say : ice ice cream baby
32.americans are like wesley willis and sisqo, deaf
31.americans are like twenty dollar bills, they dont need change, they still listen to elvis
30.americans are so dumbassed they sell twinkies for 4 dollars and people pay 10 and receive 2
29.americans are so liske style, george bush is their president
28.matt liske says :"im not on the internet" more times than you dumbass americans say : "can i have ur credit card please"
27.why did the dumbass american walk around the field goal? looking for his lucky charms, did i mention he was irish?
26.what is yankee? websters dictionary defines it as dumbass. what is dumbass? yankee
25.dumbass americans are so boring they remind me of webster (dictionary) we have top put dictionary because dumbass americans wouldnt get this joke.
24.yankee beer tastes like piss.
23.Yankees remind me of Charles in Charge, gay, unfunny and funny lookin'
*my regards out to charles who actually is a pretty cool guy
22.who the hell is uncle Sam? my sister?
21.America is Pakijewish
20.Americans must be a little smart, they can understand george bush
19.americans are so dumbassed they think alf is spelled elf and thinks hes a moose
18.whats up with alf?
17.americans are so dumbassed they invented the phrase sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me, but how come they cry when we say they're weird
16.americans are so wannabe they invented red cross fund, wheres jesus cross?
15.americans spell zed wrong
14.americans actually go on judge judy and think its cool
13.americans are like my brother's sister's mother in law's friend's kid's aunty's friend's mother in law's father's janitor, hard to explain.
12.What do you get when you put together bad music, an old lady, steve urkle, people who can't spell and a street? American tv comedy
11.When did the yankee kneel for church? sudachrist time (they don't have church)
10.Americans remind me of globe. round with pictures on them.
9.Why did the american cross the road? to sue the guy who combed his suit.
8.Wheres the beef? the fatass american ate it
7.American old ladys are so old they have clay molded on them.
6.Americans dont praise Jesus they praise stone.
5.Why do yankees cheer for john wayne when he killed the indians? cause the indians are from India. many americans does it take to screw in a lightbulb? 9,999,999,999,999,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (thats why they bought black people)
3.who keeps track of Dysney Adventure magazIne? Dumbass Yankees do.
2.Dumbass american are so dumbass the think Mr.clean is on the american dollar
1.Americans are so dumbassed, that when theres a fire, they throw nerdy kid in it so it burns faster.