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Your Mother....
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Your Mother....

Nowadays everyone says yo mama jokes, but since were not black, it's your mother jokes.

50.your mother is so rejected, nerdy kid didnt go on a date with her
49.your mother is so fat, she need 5 parents to tutor her kid
48.your mother has sex with tony, who's tony?
47.your mother is so gay she does it liske syle
46.your mother is like gong, everyone gets banged
45.your mother is like harrison ford, she does chewy tobacco
44.your mother is so stupid she thought jean chretien was a jean company
43.your mother is so sutpid she spelled stupid wrong
42.your mother is so dumb that she tried to delete the recycle bin, thrice!
41.your mother trips on her own hands and hurts her knee.
40.your mother is so fat she has fat DNA
39.your mother is so dumb, she tripped over a telephone pole wire
38.your mother is so ugly she makes americans feel good
37.your mother likes yanni
36.your yanni loving mother likes chris shodin (oooooooooooooooh)
35.your mother is so weak that when when a feather from a pillow hits her, she gets KOed
34.your mother is so old shes hooked up to oxygen
33.your mother is your father (so)
32.your mother is so drunk she gets laid from a carpet guy
31.your mother likes twine
30.your mother is like James Cain, she is retarded
29.your mother is like a bowl of alphabit soup she cant spell
28.your mother is like Conor Sweeny, she always ends up white
27.your mother is so weak she married safety pin
26.your mother jokes are so bad, she made a web site and put all her jokes on it
25.your mother is so ugly, she looks like tim allen on a okay day
24.your mother is so black that shes puerto rican
23.your mother is so unpopular, her idea of fan mail is a male fan.
22.your mother is so stupid she cant make easy mack
21.your mother is so dumb, she can take a the other room
20.your mother is like an 80s rock star with a mullet, she has a mullet and listens to 80s rock
19.your mother is like a bad conversation, she always get blocked and deleted
18.your mother is so man like, she shaved yesterday and someone mistooken her for a sasquatch today
17.your mother is so retarded she actually likes to read "for better of worse" and "Crankshaft" comic strips
16.your mother is so mother f*cking dumbassed that she voted for Bob Nault
15.your mother likes vanilla ice
14.your mother is like board, she has no teets
13.your mother is so bland, her first name is aaron
12.your mother has bad ripoffs
11.your mother is so bad at cooking, she made a suzanne's crap and called it crpe suzzette
10.your mother is so white, conor sweeney's jealous
9.your father is like a panckake, your mother rolls over
8.your mother is so anti, she likes limp bizkit, eminem, n sync, backstreet boys, usher, britney spears, other other pop brand stuff, brandi, sisqo, all american and even sometimes canadian ego crap, AOL, jean chretien, all canadian and american government, bob nault (dumbass), Fatass Claudio (and all zoom members),i know what you did last summer movies, nike clothes, PBS, papa roach, zellers everything, new jersey devils, people with the name Arcus, the movie "On the Line", "Save the last dance", "0" , "Bats",and "Bring it on"(worst movies ever) , any movie with paulie shore, dance and rap artists, or really annoying people, fox rochester network(especially all those ripoff shows of survivor and who wants to be a millionaire and the dumbass yanks who produce the network except the simpsons), the dumbass slow wheelchair kid in malcom in the middle (i want to hurt him real bad), racists, sexists, homophobes, nazis, fascists and not to mention the nerdy kid from beethoven.
7.your mother is so goddamn stupid, she agreed with the anti-mother
6.your mother is so hippie, she wants to make love to mother teresa
5.your mother is so dumb she thinks mother teresa is still alive
4.your mother is desperate she went out to a gay bar and dressed up as her husband (she still looked like a girl because her husbands Prince)
3.your mother is so Curtis she wants to grow
2.your mother is so wannabe, she made a shirt that said : eye am kanadien
1.your mother rapes nerdy kid

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