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A Very Strange Christmas

UnFunnyJokes presents an UnFunnyStory...


On one Christmas eve Daniel Bogusse wanted a toy called U.F.O. man. But they where all sold out, but that Christmas eve there was a draw for U.F.O. man DELUXE at 1220 byrch the radio station for everyone , it was better then the original U.F.O. man, and the DELUXE guy says "always fear me cause I have a weapon on me" and "its the U.F.O. 9.0 turbo laser 5.5 bullet size gun time". He comes with his U.F.O. 9.0 turbo laser 5.5 bullet size gun just like he said that only shoots a mini bullet, his U.F.O. 9.0 turbo laser jets that really work, his helmet that can come off and on,his mini BB gun that shoots mini spears and mini BBs,hes bigger, hes more shiny,his U.F.O. 9.0 turbo laser saucer wings slide out of his back and finally his U.F.O. 9.0 turbo laser jumping shoes that jump up to 5 feet [and he does a flip in the air]. The guy who did the draw for U.F.O. man DELUXE did it at midnight because he thought no one would hear it, but 2 people did! they were Art Bogusse and Ron Maclearen. Art Bogusse was the the dad of Daniel and Ron Maclearen is the dad of Charlie. Charlie really wanted U.F.O too. They went rushing to the 1220 byrch radio station. Move it buster said Art. You move it said Ron. We're here said Art. Hey look there's U.F.O. man said Ron , where I dont see it? said Art, gotcha said Ron. where did you go Ron? Ron..........where are you? said Art, bye-bye said Ron. NO YOU DONT.... NO YOU DONT said Art,Yes I do... ha... said Ron. So Ron went up the stairs, hey man where's my doll said Ron,what doll? said Henry the radio man, you know, U.F.O. man said Ron. Well... I thought everyone would be sleeping so I ...I..I put on the draw, and you even forgot to put your name , address and ph. no. said Henry. but Art came in through the glass on a rope like Tarzan. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah,
wheres the doll! said no doll he tricked us and besides we didnt even put our name,address and ph. no. said Ron.